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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2019 5:02am-5:31am CET

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today is payday for government workers across the u.s. some eight hundred thousand of them were set to miss their second straight paycheck due to the partial government shutdown but now president trump has and as announced relief a temporary end to that shutdown after more than a month the chaos in d.c. was starting to take its toll from flight delays to workers forced to decide which bills they can pay many of those workers were left wondering does the president simply not understand their struggles i'm calling aspen in berlin and this is the day. the lord. told our government we're really weeks until february fifteenth this shutdown is not a glitch it is a crisis that the president along. why are we at this point right male we should
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begin the pain i will make sure that all of the worries receive their back very quickly we should be the non-family doesn't know or he doesn't care i don't love them i respect them we should be paying our bills we really have no choice. but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier. also coming up tonight after the fatal stabbing of a liberal mayor in poland meet the heavy metal rock band trying to heal the country's culture wars i consider myself a pole a polish citizen as much as i can see there was if european and to me should be equal. and. messily against the. political tendencies that's been conquering or land for like the last two years
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that it's just driving us towards some kind of isolation. i'm calling asman it's great to have you with us on the day we start the program in the u.s. where donald trump has just announced a short term deal to end the longest federal shutdown in the country's history here's what the u.s. president said just a few months ago. i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and their amazing families who have shown such extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship you are fantastic people you are incredible patriots many of you have suffered far
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greater than anyone but your family would know or understand. and not only did you not complain but in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border security. earlier senators had rejected two spending plans to reopen the federal government including one backed by the president himself those votes in the republican controlled senate meant that the partial government shutdown would have entered its sixth week that's course records and for many federal employees and on wanted one still it didn't stop trump and his advisors from telling unpaid workers to buy food on credit and vice the employees said was out of touch with their struggles we're at a breaking point terrible it's absolutely horrible for the frustration it was completely unbearable you asked me a few weeks ago you know is it is it still safe to fly the situation is dire it is
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not as safe to fly today as it was over a month ago well joining me now is one of those many government workers who've been working without pay during the shutdown michele belle is a t.s.a. security officer at the hartsfield jackson international airport in atlanta thank you very much for joining us michelle as we just heard president trump he's announced a temporary halt now to this government shutdown first of all what's your reaction thank you well now i'm just curious to know how long it will take to process the back pay for us because i know it's only temporary just for three weeks and there are eight hundred thousand employees on furlough and i'm not sure how many on furlough schedule to get back pay and i'm just hoping that we'll be able to receive it in time to cover our bills before we get disconnected i mean you didn't actually
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receive a paycheck during the shutdown for what more than a month just tell me how how has that affected you yes there my last paycheck was december twenty ninth and then just had to. cut corners in every way that i can and all they have really been doing is putting gas in to my car and i haven't been able to pay my bills i've just had to let them go went to two months overdue and try to speak to the ones i can about waiting for my paycheck to happen and have you heard any news now about when you'll get paid when these checks might come in all the money that you're owed from from working essentially without pay for the whole time. no sir not yet we haven't heard anything i go back to work tomorrow morning at three forty five am so hopefully they'll be able to brief us before we start with some more news or some more clarification on when the back people begin to. happen. how did you
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manage to make ends meet from going without these paychecks what did you do to try to basically survive. well i've tried to look for work on my own on saturday or a second job full time or part time and i haven't had much success with that as i decided to get on go fund me after hearing about some of my colleagues that have created one and i saw that there were hundreds or thousands of federal employees who have the same luck as i did and had to turn to strangers for help then so i've created a go fund me and it's i've been able to reach people from all over and that's the help i've been getting that i don't have family and. a lot of my friends are in the same situation as myself so that's what i've been having to do just the crowdfunding site so there's this go fund me site there's this online fundraising
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page you're actually getting donations from some strangers yes there are people who have never met me and people have never you know they don't know me from from a hole in the law and they've been the people who have been donating and making sure we stay afloat while the government shutdown. michele we saw some reports today of delays at airports on the east coast due to the lack of air traffic controllers what about for you what's the situation like at the airport where you work have there been delays or people maybe working a double shift just to keep things open i know we've definitely had delays on my checkpoint when we open up usually we're able to open about four or five lanes and in the mornings we're only able to get to barely two lanes open to be able to process passengers monday this january seventeenth and atlanta i believe we have the worst lines in the country because there is lack of age showing up to work
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and lanes have to be shut down entire checkpoints have to be shut down and i know that some people have had to stay extra because the lack of employees showing up to work clearly this shutdown affecting you and many other government workers like you do you have a message what would you tell president trump bend the members of congress. and the members of congress should be able to get together and have discussions or be able to reach an agreement without hurting a hundred thousand people for months at a time it kind of feels like we're pawns in the situation and they're not really thinking of our livelihood or how this affects everyday people who live paycheck to paycheck michel bella t.s.a. security officer in atlanta who have been working during the shutdown without pay thank you so much for sharing a story thank you thank you so much deb use
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maya slater is in washington for us she's also been tracking these developments today maya first of all president trump going into the rose garden making this announcement is this a surprise. it's very much a surprise that he was out there making this announcement at all as we know that he is a candidate and a president who built up his image as being this tough negotiator who never backs down until he gets exactly what he wants and now we've seen this instance where he very publicly conceded took a step backwards over one of his signature policy proposals the idea of building this wall on the us mexico border to. obtain some sort of border security and this is something that his supporters love that he pushed for repeatedly and he was willing to shut the government down over in order to build up this image of himself and now seeing him take the step back is really going to be
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a blow to his presidency moving forward and possibly to his candidacy in two thousand and twenty when with these presidential elections coming up. we just heard the personal story of one of these hundreds of thousands of government workers that hadn't been paid pressure even maybe from air traffic controllers today how much did that factor in do you think to this decision to come up with this deal today. well indeed allegedly according to some u.s. media reports it was exactly the chaos at the airports specifically this morning local time several very large hubs in the northeast of the country had to shut down for a little while due to staffing issues exactly the sort of issues that we heard our guest talking about and it was this that apparently spurred the president on to say ok let's try to do something now his staff has also really apparently been pressuring him not to invoke what would be
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a national emergency declaration specifically his chief of staff john kelly allegedly has been very much keeping him back from signing those papers but he's also been facing incredible pressure from his own party who see that he is taking and they are taking the brunt of the blame for this crisis that has been caused and his poll numbers have been dropping and all of this just makes it a very politically untenable situation and makes it even better i should say for the democrats the opposition party to dig in their side which they have now at least temporarily won which is saying we are not going to give you any money for this border wall. as they bear with us for a moment there is of course more news coming out of washington today a longtime ally of u.s. president donald trump has been released on bond in florida roger stone was arrested by f.b.i. agents early on friday morning he's been charged with obstruction of justice
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witness tampering and making false statements he has not yet entered a plea to the charges stone was an advisor to donald trump during the twenty sixteen election campaign the charges stem from the office of u.s. special counsel robert muller which has been investigating whether the trump campaign colluded with russia in the election. ok a busy day for you who is what else do we know here i mean what else is roger stone facing what are these charges all about well as you said there are. the main charges that we're looking at are obstruction of an official proceeding making false statements specifically witness tampering seven charges in total and the thing is a lot of this sounds very similar to other charges that have been now handed down against other very close associates i'm thinking specifically of former campaign manager paul manifold and also appeared in court in washington d.c.
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today several other aides who have now sort of been roped in by the moeller investigation into this allegedly russia collusion remembering in the twenty sixteen campaign the thing about roger stone is he is the associate president trump that is the closest so far out of all of these people he was really in the inner circle even though he only actually worked on the campaign for a few months in two thousand and fifteen but he has been involved orbit for decades the two of them were some of the top of the world businessmen back in the one nine hundred eighty s. so it's very hard for the president to disassociate himself from roger stone in the same way that he's tried to do with these other people have also been taken down well given what you just said i mean what does this mean then for the president. well in some ways it means that it looks like the mall investigation is just inching closer to the president and looking at the end and it's much easier now to draw some clear lines between the trunk campaign not necessarily trump himself with
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the trump campaign to roger stone to wiki leaks which and u.s. intelligence says at the time of the twenty sixteen elections was acting on behest of the russian government so while we can't it's. we can't jump to conclusions right now we don't know how involved the president was in these things but the picture that the white house is painting is of a candidate a campaign leader who was very disconnected from his campaign given that he says he didn't know any of this was going on all right maya slater following those stories for us in washington thank you very much. greek of bomb makers have ratified at landmark name change deal with macedonia under the agreement greece's northern neighbor will be name itself north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato but the deal faced fierce opposition in greece and has already cost prime minister alexis tsipras his
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parliamentary majority ever more protests outside the assembly ahead of the vote though torrential rain in athens kept many demonstrators away friday's vote was delayed by a day to accommodate a large number of lawmakers who wanted to debate the deal for. right for more on this i'm joined by view sarah jordan a journalist in the republic of north macedonia and the w.'s johnnie's papademetriou who's been tracking this story for us as well he's in the studios janice let's start with you what does greece get out of this deal and is there a sense that maybe it's gotten enough or not enough. well the advantages up perhaps not so evident at first sight but if you ask me yes i think there are advantages first of all it's important it's very important for greece to have stability to have security on its north and border another important thing north must've done is
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sort of get away to western europe for greeks today if you're driving from to sell uneek in northern greece to munich in germany you will face some challenges on the road to belgrade the serbian capital but then you drive on the highway it's very comfortable so if we could fix perhaps with the support assistance from the european union if we could fix their old from to suddenly get a better grade scope here this would be a great deal for all of us in southeastern europe and last but not least north mustard only as an important market for greece and vice versa so opening borders could help the economy in both countries i believe because there are greetings to you how is this deal being greeted in what is now being called north macedonia is it weird to say that name out loud now. yes well i would say the question is not how the deal is being read as you said north macedonia since with already been through this issue multiple times first we had two reactions after the referendum
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and then after the constitutional changes passed in the most of the union parliament and the reactions were divided the case in greece could be up to the resignation we had also the boycott but your position now argue we have protests we also had threats to our lawmakers. and people accusing them to be traitors or but we also have people on the take a more pragmatic and my colleague already there and they see the deal as something that needed to be done after three decades in order to become part of the thank you and they say they are looking at the fundamental. sides of the deal and yes it is strange to say that name north must have known us the way i guess so we will need a longer time to get used to it. we've heard how controversial it is a north macedonia we've also seen images of protests sometimes violent in greece sixty percent of greeks they don't support this name change can you explain why is
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this so emotional for greeks. probably one reason why greeks get emotional is that greeks do not understand why they get emotional impact now seriously you need to go back in history i feel in order to to understand this just to name an example the sultan part of mustard only region became part of modern greece only after the bulk of the early twentieth century in the time that have been there have been fights there have been across cities on both sides of the border many greeks searing member of these so in this part of the world it's almost impossible to make political decisions by by leaving history aside super arsons i have have done exactly this this is an achievement and we don't we all hope it will work. as he said this deal is done of course as unpopular i'm curious is there any risk that
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this deal might unravel in the future or is this set in stone we don't know i think the devil lies in the in the details there are still some unanswered questions for example commercial issues who has the right to produce macedonian wine from not one such things we still need to fix but i think the crucial question is whether this this story go agreement will be fully implemented . and after all prime minister super us will face hard times see as the last majority in parliament but i don't think the conservative opposition will put this agreement in question anymore so definitely it's a first victory for tuberous is there a last question to you this deal should pave the way for north macedonia now to join nato briefly if you can is there anything else that stands in the way. well with greek parliament ratification the agreement is almost complete however some
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procedurals texts remain like resigning in session protocol and i read guarding the e.u. macedonia has still a lot to do in the creation period of their many reforms that the country still has to undergo so this was a huge obstacle on its way to nato and e.u. but that was removed now hopefully but the way to the e.u. is still long all right sara jordan also joining us from the newly named north macedonia and he ws nice papa dmitri oh thank you very much to both. to poland now where last month's fatal stabbing of the liberal mayor of a dunce cap is highlighted the country's political fault lines and its simmering culture wars especially when it comes to rock music the black metal band behemoths has come under fire for its use of the villagers imagery one conservative lawmaker
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says the band is violating the country's hate speech laws. because of the dark skin and his black metal band behemoths are about to start their worst ah gig they're playing three shows in poland before kicking off their european tour which is bound to stir controversy. and interest is an outspoken critic of poland's ruling right wing nationalist law and justice government which has little regard for the european union. i consider myself a pole a polish citizen of motorcycles to go with your opinion and to me should be equal. massively against their. political tendencies that have been conquering your land for like the last two years that it's. just driving us there
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was some kind of isolation but it. expresses his political sentiments through provocative works of art. still took over. like these biblically themed photos which come along with his band's latest album. usually works like these draw the ire of many conservative polls today and also the anger of the country's government which is backed by the catholic church lawmaker dominic church in ski of the ruling law and justice party even reported adam d'arcy to the police. he does bridge below our criminal law is very very clear you can insult religion every religion you cannot you know heart someone's feelings religious feelings and this is what he did these days scenes like these outside poland's parliament aren't uncommon his catholic anti-abortion activists placard reads reproduce. but not all poles think this way at him and his more liberal
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minded fans often hang out in hair salons run by the rock musician he owns several in various large polish cities. poses poland's largely conservative and nationalist establishment through his combination of black metal music and his unique lifestyle but these are trying times i would. say is early and the political climate is very unfavorable. they are trying to censor my work which was a help in the tradition. well they force me to report to the police. and our concerts are monitored by undercover agents. but on second thought the genie in the finals was a. living and you know. they want to check out a for planning any subversive activity or what you might experience all about. if you go the administrator be of. the door skin his band will not let themselves be intimidated luckily they have many. borders in the american heavy metal scene.
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void meanwhile is glad to be working in dark hair salon local beaches you know there's anger on the streets i've experienced that first hand but nobody means you any harm in this terrace along with you because you. later that day preparations are underway for concerts in the polish capital tonight he'll be adopting the stage persona of near gul a babylonian deity who fights a hostile foreign land. which is exactly how he feels living in poland today to him poland is being governed by a regime that has no respect for his liberal worldview. would be i was a bit. of a he wants to get people to be more open minded and to change their thinking it's true overcome old fashioned beliefs and become more open open lines
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does is his way of doing this is very controversial to see many in this country can tolerate that right that the letter we had some regard to ask in his band is the only remaining champions of liberalism in poland but tarski disagrees as you quite massive group of people. like free thinking. individuals over here in poland. stand behind what they do and what they say so it's not like. whatever the proffered or damn missile or whatever. just speaking. my freewheel. and then dark skinned his band rock out to the excitement of their open minded fans. well the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us at d w dot com on twitter where you can follow us at d w news thanks for watching and for making us
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part of your day. it's one of the kind of. blind girls chamber orchestra learning to play an instrument blind person because the plane and. the blind musician is the orchestra is the chance to meet a self-determined like great audiences with. three thousand.
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devoted her life to helping kharaj in slum dwellers. a german nun in pakistan. she eradicated leprosy here almost singlehandedly. she's revered turned to stack. the angel of karachi. in freezing. minutes too long doubling. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago.
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today's tracks take the experience to another level ok science to him comes a way most are. featured in many games his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. welcome to global three thousand this week we find out just how desperate life has become for many farmers in australia. we need to members of a very special orchestra in egypt that offers visually impaired women
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a unique opportunity. and we had to symbolic way to look at what.


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